Brands and art

Artists and brands can create really beautiful things when working together. This short film, “Mateus”, directed by Augusto Fraga, it’s the first, sponsored by LG Portugal, having some specific scenes filmed in 3D.

The brand claim, “Life’s good”, fits like a glove in this production. Furthermore, this is the fourth short film sponsored by the Portuguese branch. But this one, in particular, was used to officially promote the new LG CINEMA 3D TV series. I think “Mateus” will perform well both in film festivals and the web, specially in the social media.

In social media, to produce interesting contents it’s a good way to engage your fans. Now, when a brand joins an artist it can be a win win situation for everybody. However, ultimately the fans will decide rather the content it’s good or not, sharable or not.

You can find all LG Portugal movies here (including Mateus in 2D).


BMW 1M vs Concrete Walls

This video from BMW Canada it’s just going viral on Youtube. That’s what happens when brands produce some serious out of the box content. Believe me, BMW has some tradition in producing high quality contents, especially videos.

I still remember one of the best online branded content campaigns - BMW films series The Hire, starring Clive Owen, that hit the web in 2001 and 2002.

If you haven’t seen them, this is the perfect time to do so (in the link above)!