We tend to look at creativity as a wild force that often eludes us but we can sometimes grasp and use to create amazing things. Tony Schwartz, president of The Energy Project, believes that when we’re thinking creatively it’s the result of a series of events, and when we know that series we can…

A pretty clever strategy from 20th Century Fox. The studios produced and released some videos on the web that fulfilled their purpose, to go viral. This one above, belongs to that series of viral videos released to promote the forthcoming Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie.

It’s one of the most successful viral strategies I’ve seen so far.

You can read more about this here.

Brands and art

Artists and brands can create really beautiful things when working together. This short film, “Mateus”, directed by Augusto Fraga, it’s the first, sponsored by LG Portugal, having some specific scenes filmed in 3D.

The brand claim, “Life’s good”, fits like a glove in this production. Furthermore, this is the fourth short film sponsored by the Portuguese branch. But this one, in particular, was used to officially promote the new LG CINEMA 3D TV series. I think “Mateus” will perform well both in film festivals and the web, specially in the social media.

In social media, to produce interesting contents it’s a good way to engage your fans. Now, when a brand joins an artist it can be a win win situation for everybody. However, ultimately the fans will decide rather the content it’s good or not, sharable or not.

You can find all LG Portugal movies here (including Mateus in 2D).